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The Reasons Why You Should Choose Instaforex

Are you interested in trading and looking for a reliable forex broker online Malaysia to provide you with a flexible, easy to understand and productive platform for your trading? This Instaforex review is to help you understand how Instaforex is definitely the best FOREX broker you could find to start trading safe. Yes, if you didn’t know then it is the right time to realize that before you look into how much money you will make through trading you should make sure to choose a safe platform. So let’s see why Instaforex grew big time in just 5 years and built a huge database of existing customer.

A Brief Introduction Of Instaforex
The company has been operating since 2007 and is a fraction of group of companies known around the world as Instaforex Companies Group for providing reliable trading services online. Customers from around the world including the biggest number of people from Asia make up the huge database of five hundred thousand (500,000) corporate and other clients.

The company is on a success path with more 400 new customers getting onboard every day. Their website, which is available in 29 languages, is one of the most comprehensive ones on the subject of online trading with advanced tools to help traders trade safely.

The Scam Rumor About Instaforex
With a database of over five hundred thousand clients trading successfully through the company’s platform it is sad that there are people spreading rumors about it. Some websites are calling it fake, some scam and some customers are only using the curse words because they didn’t find the company as they expected it to be but these are no grounds to call a company scam.

If a company is a scam, it will never pay a single penny from its account but Instaforex has been paying thousands of his customers for quite some time now and they seem to be pretty happy about their signup with the company. They don’t award scam companies with titles such as “best broker in Asia”, do they? A scam company never spends money on calling its customers back to help them, does it?

You don’t see many scam companies distributing millions of dollars’ worth prizes to their customers, do you? And a scam company doesn’t have happy customers (who are sensible traders) in more than 50 countries, does it? You get the point, right?

So Why Should You Trade With Instaforex?
•    What other international broker lets you start with just a $10 deposit?

•    The 1:1 leverage sounds comparable but is there anyone to beat the leverage of 1:1000 from Instaforex?

•    Swap free accounts are offered even for the existing accounts.

•    The facility to withdraw your funds right on your Visa card is just amazing. Alertpay, Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Webmoney, bank transfer, Moneybookers etc. are just some of the methods for your to withdraw your funds.

•    Very few online FOREX brokers are so committed to keeping their customers so updated with the market conditions, analysis, news and other information. The Instaforex TV News, Instaforex Calendar, market reviews, analytical reviews, FOREX TV etc. are there to keep you updated round the clock. No need to look here and there and waste your time with irrelevant information.

•  Instant deals’ execution;

•  Qualitative technical and consulting support 24/5.

•    If you are a beginner, Instaforex will make sure that you become a pro in no time. The online training videos and courses are the best ways to start for beginners. You never felt this secure with any other online broker did you?

Is Instaforex Reliable?
Instaforex broker is a part of a bigger picture known as the Instaforex Companies Group that operates worldwide providing individuals from around the globe to benefit from the FOREX market through safe trading. In almost 5 years of service to its customers, Instaforex has won many awards including the following:
1.    Best broker in Russia (given by ShowFX world). 2009
2.    Best broker in Asia (given by ShowFX Asia). 2009
3.    Best broker in Asia (World Finance Awards). 2009
4.    Best FOREX broker in Asia (World Finance Awards). 2010
5.    The best retail broker (European CEO Awards). 2011
6.    The best FOREX broker in retail market (Jordan Expo). 2011
7.    Best broker in Asia (World Finance Awards). 2011
8.    Best retail FX provider Award (FOREX & Investment Summit). 2011
9.    Best broker in Asia (IAIR Awards). 2011
10.  Best FOREX broker Asia (Global Banking And Finance Review). 2012

Are You Ready To Sign Up?

Whatsoever is your concern: reliability, safe trading, protection, security, big profits, customer support, fast withdrawal, easy withdrawal options, low risks, user friendly platform, low deposit, free demo etc., Instaforex covers and addresses all those concerns. This instaforex review was only intended to tell you the “facts” about the company. If you think these features and characteristics make up a reliable broker, we assume you are more than ready to sign up. So are you?

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Dealing Center InstaForex provides the access to the international trading platforms for internet on-line trading. Our clients operate their capital on the currency market Forex staying at home or office. Besides the receiving information about the latest financial world events and reading the economical forecast, you can also receive training in Forex trading by getting the free demonstrational account on currency market Forex. Cooperation with the West Brokers guarantees covering of all clients' orders on Forex. That is why opening a trading account with InstaForex you get a direct access to the market and currency operations on Forex. No one Forex Broker can guarantee profit. Trading on Forex has some risks of partial or full funds loss. This fact should be taken into consideration by any trader who is planning to make profit on Forex. We provide an opportunity to trade without swap. Nowadays more than 10 000 of traders have chosen InstaForex as their Broker for trading on Forex using MetaTrader platform.

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